Mt Elbert

Fun climb up Colorado's highest peak.  I learned a lot on this trip.  I pushed too hard at first and Meg couldn't hang.  Then she started to show symptoms of AMS.  I left her at tree line and made a mad dash (literally ran) for the next 2 miles to the summit.  Biggest mistake ever.  I couldn't find her on the way down and had no idea what to do.  Turned out she took a nap well below tree line near the trail and I eventually linked up with her.

I swore that I would never drop somebody again.  Walking away safe and sound was more important than a summit.  Probably one of the most defining moments of my early days exploring Colorado's backcountry.

We linked up with the Class 5 Chaos crew down in Canon City after the climb and camped with the rafters for the rest of the weekend.