Ironhorse Bicycle Classic (Durango to Silverton) 2019

I spent the Friday of Memorial Day weekend on the road driving from Denver to Durango for the 2019 Ironhorse Bicycle Classic. 6 hours in the car to ride my bike from Durango to Silverton in an attempt to beat the train. Unfortunately the train arrived in 3:30 and I in 3:52, but it was still an amazing day. I’ve spent a lot of time in the backcountry here, but have never been on my bike in the southwest corner of Colorado, so this was a real treat.

An added bonus was that I stayed in a “European” style motel room. It was seriously the smallest hotel room I’ve ever seen. I now know how most pro’s feel while on the road in Europe.

The ride started in downtown Durango at the railroad depot and headed 79 km north over Coal Bank and Molas Passes into Silverton.

I will say that I’ve never seen as many people walking their bike on a gran fondo ride before. That was a first for me. You paid like $120+ for the ride and didn’t think to train? I mean, I was really out of shape, but I still made it well under the cut off.

The starting point in Durango

Descending from the summit of Coal Bank Pass to Molas Pass

Climbing Molas Pass

Descending Molas Pass