Cinnamon Pass 4x4

Last minute decision to head down to Lake City from Denver (4.5 hour drive) to do some four wheeling and maybe climb a 14er.

Zena and I arrived in Lake City around 4p on July 4th.  Enjoyed season 2 of Startup podcast on the drive down.

After getting some gas and ice for the beer we headed past Lake San Cristobal and up the Sunshine Peak shelf road and onward to Cinnamon Pass.

After summiting Cinnamon Pass (which was way easier than I expected - maybe it was the truck?) we drove down to Animas Forks and the Eureka town site.  I was thinking we would head down into Silverton for the night to see the fireworks, but then remember that Zena hates fireworks.  It was at this point that we turned around and headed back over Cinnamon Pass to American Basin.  

We would climb Handies Peak in the morning!