Maroon Bells 4 Pass Loop

Welcome to the Colorado high country in late August!

This was a very interesting and fast paced trip with Kyle and Rona.  I'll post more detail when I have some free time.  We basically did the iconic 4 Pass Loop from Schofield Pass/Crested Butte and finished in 2.5 days and 2 nights.   The first night was absolutely miserable as we camped in a snow storm/thunderstorm at Snowmass Lake after a 13-mile forced march (to beat the weather that was rolling in) that included both Frigid Air and Trail Rider Passes.  I lost my wedding band in a frantic effort to move our tents (and keep our gear dry) to another site.  Sleeping bags stayed dry, but spirits were worn pretty thin.

Luckily I found my wedding band the next morning and our overall luck changed.  The weather held up and we climbed Buckskin Pass and entered the Crater Lake area the next day.  Beat up from a long/fast day the day prior (and a sleepless night) we camped a few miles east of West Maroon Pass.  

On the last morning we climbed West Maroon Pass and beat feet to the 4Runner.  Most people do this loop in 3-4 days (sometimes even 5).  We did it in 2.5.  Yeah.  Showered at Camp Elk (thanks Jim & Diane!!!) and then wolfed down pizza and wings at the Secret Stash in CB.

My feet felt great almost the entire time thanks to my new Altra Lone Peak's and Injinji toe socks.  Much better than my old Hoka One-One's.  The crowd favorite was the 8oz Nalgene flash of Knob Creek bourbon I brought.  It definitely hit the spot after 2 long days and getting snowed and hailed on.

P.S. the bear canisters and a clean camp helped keep Yogi away!!!